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Welcome to our vibrant community and nationally recognized publication! Here, we're not just a magazine—we're a movement! Feel the excitement as we honor excellence with the renowned Bloom Awards, embrace self-love through our empowering 'Self Love' club, and champion women's empowerment with Bloom's Me, Inc. Movement. But wait, there's more!


Dive into our initiatives like The Givingback Project, where we give back to those in need, connect with like-minded souls in the Bloom Circle, and explore innovation at The Orange Lab. Come on in and be a part of something truly special—a place where passion meets purpose, and together, we're making waves!

With chapters nationwide, our community is led by risk managers, adjusters, case managers, and industry leaders who share our mission. Inside our community, members can access CEUs, masterclasses, networking events, workshops, conferences, mentoring programs, scholarships, and purpose-driven initiatives, among others.​

Our magazine is dedicated to the most important aspect of the industry: the people. Packed with valuable resources, we prioritize personal growth, career advancement, and wellness for our community members and readers. We believe in helping our readers live their best lives and achieve their full potential. That's why our magazine is filled with informative and inspiring articles on topics like health, personal development, and all things workers' comp.

The Bloom community is driven by Risk Managers, Adjusters, Case Managers, and industry leaders who are passionate about empowering others through the sharing of their knowledge and expertise.

Who We Are

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Founder & CEO

Mari Diaz

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Editor in Chief

Samantha Diaz

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Editor at Large

Melissa Diaz

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Executive Editor

Anailis Diaz

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