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Bloom Awards Nomination Form

History of the Bloom Awards & Gala

The Bloom Awards were created in 2011 by BLOOM as a platform on which to recognize the best-of-the-best performance of professionals working within the workers’ compensation industry through a nomination process resulting in a formal and beautiful Awards Gala. Over the past decade, through a formal nomination and selection process, awards have been given to professionals for their outstanding commitment, care, and service.


The Bloom Awards recognize industry leaders who exemplify excellence and truly embody a commitment to leadership, mentoring and professional practice.

Please follow the simple instructions listed below:

  • Provide up-to-date contact information of the nominee for the category you chose. 

  • Please add ALL nominee/nominator information in order to contact you and the nominee. 

  • Please read ALL category sections carefully 

The following categories are ONLY for nominating Service Providers

  • Rehabilitation Specialty Provider Award

  • Superior Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine Award

  • Service Provider Of The Year Award

The following category is ONLY for nominating podcasts

  • Podcast Of The Year Award

The following category is ONLY for nominating TPAs

  • TPA Of The Year Award

Nominee Information:

If you're submitting a nomination for a f you're submitting a nomination for a company (service provider), TPA, or podcast rather than an individual, please enter "N/A" in both the first and last name boxes.

Award Category

Nominator Information:

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