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Mark C. Gillespy, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon at The Orthopedic Clinic


Dr. Mark C. Gillespy is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and a long time resident of the Daytona Beach area. He is the son of Dr. Thurman Gillespy Jr., who founded The Orthopedic Clinic in 1961, and joined the practice his father started after completing his residency in 1992.

Dr. Gillespy is passionate about developing and perfecting innovative methods to treat his patients so they experience shorter hospitalization and faster recovery times.

His total hip joint replacement surgeries are performed through a direct anterior approach, which avoids cutting of any hip muscles. He is also one of the few doctors in the Daytona area who performs Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery. This innovative technique preserves more of the patient’s original joint.

He’s perfected minimally invasive approaches to help patients with spinal disc conditions, spinal fractures, and spinal fusion surgeries.

For his lumbar discectomy surgeries – the most commonly performed spinal procedure, – he has been the first surgeon in the State of Florida to offer patients the Barricaid device, which has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of a recurrent herniation and associated future surgery in patients at higher risk.”

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