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Brian J. Burrough, MD

Interventional Pain Medicine Physician at Florida Spine Associates


Dr Brian Burrough is a board-certified anesthesiologist with subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine. Prior to pursuing a career in medicine, he earned a master’s degree in Physical Therapy and practiced in South Florida. He then earned a medical degree from the University of Miami and went on to complete residency in Anesthesia at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. After completing residency, he accepted a position as clinical fellow in Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School. During fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dr Burrough completed training in Interventional Pain Medicine. During fellowship he learned to perform minimally invasive treatments for many pain disorders.

Upon completion of training, he returned to South Florida, when he has been in private practice treating patients with painful conditions. Dr Burrough is well versed in the field of neuromodulation and helps many patients with spinal cord stimulation therapy. He also has special interests in kyphoplasty for vertebral compression fractures and use of stem cell to treat degenerative conditions.

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