Estefania Viso Martinez

Life & Business Strategist at Estefania Viso

Speaker Topics

  • How to Quit Comparing Yourself to Other & FINALLY Feel Secure and Confident in Who You Are

  • Leveraging The Power of Visualization to Achieve What you Want

  • Improving Your Ability to Focus

  • 4 Types of Boundaries and How to Set Them At Work and at Home

  • Balancing Work and Life

  • Energy & Stress Management Strategies (Stress Management)

  • Cultivating Healthy Relationships through Effective Communication

  • Practical Guide to Goal Setting

  • Mind Management for Success at Work and in Life

  • Time Management for Busy Professionals

  • Redesign Your Self Image

  • Mind Management - Mind Management for Success at Work and in Life

Estefania Viso Martinez


Estefania Viso is a public Speaker, Mindset Expert and Life Strategist for women. She has empowered thousands of women to live extraordinary lives without sacrificing their wholeness.