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Christina Cicci

Wholistic Wellbeing Coach, Creator of Activate Your Inner Goddess 90 day program. Cacao Ceremony (Heart Opening) Facilitator

Speaker Topics

  • Conscious Awareness

Christina Cicci


I am a Wholistic Wellbeing Coach and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator. I help people move past emotional and physical energetic blocks and limiting beliefs on 3 levels, mind, body and soul so they can live life with an open heart and create their heaven on earth.  

As a Wholistic Wellbeing Coach, in my practice, I help women activate their inner Goddess. This inner goddess resides in all of us. When she’s activated, women are balanced, emotionally and physically. The inner goddess is the foundation for living the life of their dreams and she’s activated by our own love and concept of self. Our Inner World Creates Our Outer World.

I bring true transformation, not a quick fix.  Mindset work is needed as thoughts are behind everything that we perceive in this 3D reality. We create stories around limiting and core beliefs.  I help people identify their core beliefs and subconscious needs and provide tools to reprogram their mind to create higher versions of themselves and live as that new person in the new stories.
I weave intuition and astral energy work into my programs to assist with the removal of blocks. 

Everything is within. No energy work, plant medicine, psychic intuitive, card reader, can make lasting change for you. It’s all about you changing yourself, changing your thoughts and the story you tell. Further, I give you the tools so that you will know how to flow through things that stand in your way. 

I Do No Healing For You. You Are Not Broken. I Am Merely Your Guide.

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