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Kerstie helps you shed the practice of people-pleasing so you can put yourself first, choose what brings you joy, and become the CEO of your own life, all without disrupting the good in your life. She offers hand-in-hand collaboration, guidance, and personalized interpretation through one-on-one coaching sessions to facilitate building your Dream Life. Kerstie's expertise includes: living authentically, rebuilding personal life after corporate burnout, stepping into leadership potential, enhancing communication, and achieving everyday connectedness to one's genius. The protocol: No room for excuses. No room for judgment. Just 100% accountability. (It sounds scarier than it is.)

Kerstie is a natural leader with deep listening skills, genuine empathy, and an effective approach to problem-solving. Pair that with her continuous-improvement mindset and people-first attitude and we have MAGIC.

Kerstie Blue


Intuitive Life Coach & CPA

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