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Quinland Medical Management


Quinlan Medical Management provides quality, experienced medical case management throughout the Southeastern and Eastern United States. Our focus is to facilitate prompt return to work and optimal case resolution through goal-directed planning specific to each referral.

Our case managers are experts in catastrophic case management, brain and spinal cord injuries, multi-trauma, and crisis intervention. They have extensive experience in workers' compensation and group health and can help to identify any pre-existing pathology which may impact recovery of the work injury. They understand the financial impact that careful, transparent medical case management can have on a complex claim and are ready to assist in mitigating costs and reducing risk.

With a network of 100+ nurses in seventeen states, Quinlan Medical Management can provide you with the coverage and attention you and your company needs.

Claire Quinlan

Phone: 561-814-5047

Fax: 888-878-7964

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