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Flourish & Thrive Corporate Wellness

Bloom's Flourish & Thrive Initiative aims to enhance happiness and overall well-being, while simultaneously fostering talent retention, attraction, and development. By doing so, it seeks to alleviate the financial burdens associated with frequent turnover, absenteeism, worker's compensation, and healthcare expenses. This initiative emphasizes the significance of employee well-being by providing valuable information on how personal choices and habits can positively impact both work and personal life. By raising awareness and prioritizing health and well-being, this initiative ensures a mutually beneficial outcome for both employees and companies, delivering a positive return on investment in a highly cost-effective manner.


What's Our Goal?

At Bloom, our goal is to support your staff in becoming the healthiest, happiest, and most empowered versions of themselves. We understand the importance of tailoring our programs to align with your unique work culture, specific needs, and allocated budget. Our guiding philosophy revolves around the principles of Move, Nourish, and Thrive, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being that encompasses physical activity, nourishing habits, and overall flourishing.



  • Mindful Moments: A Guided Meditation & Aromatherapy Workshop for Corporate Wellness

  • The Power of Essential Oils: Enhancing Wellbeing in the Workplace

  • Laugh Your Way to Better Health: Laughter Yoga at Work

  • Mindfulness at Work: Practicing Presence, Focus & Resilience

  • Prioritizing Self-Care: Why it Matters for Employee Wellbeing & Performance

  • Guided Desk Yoga & Meditation

  • Stretching for Success: Workplace Flexibility & Mobility

  • Balancing Work and Life: Strategies for a Healthy Work-Life Integration

  • Energy Management for Peak Performance: Practical Stress Management Techniques

  • Building Better Relationships: Effective Communication Strategies for Team Success

  • Goal Setting for Success: A Practical Guide for Busy Professionals

  • Time Mastery: Maximizing Productivity for Better Work-Life Harmony

  • Uplevel Your Results: Reprogramming Your Self-Image for Success

  • From Dreams to Goals: Strategies for Turning Ambitions into Reality

  • Vision Boards for Manifesting Your Dream Life: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Mastering Any Skill: A 5-Step Formula for Skill Development

  • Stress & Anxiety Management: 5 Steps to Finding Calm Amidst Chaos

  • Mind Management: Navigating the Inner World for Greater Outer Results

  • Productivity Power Hour: Increasing Time Management and Performance

  • Making Better Decisions: How to Be a More Effective Decision Maker

  • Attitude is Everything: Shaping Your Reality with a Positive Mindset

  • The Power of Routine: Creating Intentional Habits for Success

​​“Bursting Through the Walls of Mediocrity” Series
  • Understanding Yourself: The Mirror Approach

  • Embracing the Power of Your Authentic Self

  • Executive Presence: The View from the Other Side

  • Cultivating Commadore: From Movement to Momentum

  • Impacting Your Audience: Captivating Methods for Your Toolbox

  • Bursting Through the Wall: Executing a Roadmap for Success

"Emotionally Intelligent: An Introduction to EQ" Series
  • Emotionally Intelligent: An Introduction to EQ

  • Self-Awareness is A Superpower

  • Self-Reflection: The Mirror Holds The Key

  • Self-Reflection: DWYSYWD

  • Self-Leadership: Leading The Imperative Department of One

  • Social Awareness: Through The Lens of Perception 

  • Relationship Management: It's More Than Who You Know

  • Leading with EQ: Cultivating A Psychologically Safe Environment to Thrive

  • EQ: A Gift to Give Yourself & Others 

"Flourish at Work: Unlocking the Power of Wellbeing" Series
  • 5 Proven Methods for Boosting Employee Morale 

  • 4 Big Reasons to Put Service at The Center of Your Life

  • Sizzling Summer Solutions for Bringing Harmony to Your Work and Life 

  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Turning Vague Goals into Actionable Ones 

"A corporate wellness program is not a luxury, but an important investment in an employee’s well-being".

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