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Commitment To Wellness Project

Boost happiness and wellbeing, retain, attract, and develop talent, and reduce costs associated with high turnover, absenteeism, worker's compensation, and health care. 


Promote employee wellbeing with information on how choices and habits can improve the quality of life at work and outside. For both employees and companies raising awareness on health and wellbeing has a positive return in a very cost-effective way.

What's Our Goal?

Our goal is to help your staff be the healthiest, happiest, and very best version of themselves.

At BLOOM, our programs are carefully designed to your work culture, your needs, and your budget.


Our philosophy is Move, Nourish, and Thrive.

Wellness Workshops

Our workshops are designed to promote employee wellbeing with information on how choices and habits can improve the quality of life at work and outside. For both employees and companies raising awareness on health and wellbeing has a positive return, in a very cost-effective way.


Each workshop includes practical demonstrations and interaction with plenty of time for feedback. All of our workshops are led by expert speakers and tailored to your specific needs. Our workshops are convenient and flexible we can accommodate similar to a lunch and learn or after-hours whatever is most suitable for you and your team.


Corporate Wellness Topics

  • Guided Meditation /Aromatherapy.

  • The Benefits of Essential Oils.

  • Laughter Works at Work.

  • Mindfulness at Work.

  • What Is Self-Care And Why Is Self-Care Important?

  • Desk Yoga & Meditation.

  • Workplace Stretching.

  • Balancing Work and Life.

  • Energy & Stress Management Strategies (Stress Management).

  • Cultivating Healthy Relationships. through Effective Communication.

  • Practical Guide to Goal Setting.

  • Mind Management for Success at Work and in Life.

  • Cultivating Commadore: From Movement to Momentum

  • Impacting Your Audience: Captivating Methods for Your Toolbox

  • Bursting Through the Wall: Executing a Roadmap for Success

  • Time Management for Busy Professionals.

  • How to Reprogram Your Self-Image to Uplevel your Results.

  • Moving from Dreams to Goals.

  • Using Vision Boards to Manifest your Dream Life.

  • 5 Step Formula to Develop Any Skill.

  • 5 Steps to Manage Stress & Anxiety more Effectively.

  • Mind Management.

  • Increasing your Time Management and Productivity.

  • Becoming a More Effective Decision Maker.

  • Your Attitude Determines your Reality.

  • The Power of an Intentional Routine.

  • Understanding Yourself: The Mirror Approach

  • Embracing the Power of Your Authentic Self

  • Executive Presence: The View from the Other Side


Musculoskeletal, Exercise & Fitness Workshops

At BLOOM, we believe that providing a full range of corporate fitness solutions and services will benefit your staff. The services we provide are specifically designed so that your employees hit their goals, in and out of the office. By providing your colleagues with a range of corporate health options, you will motivate them to exercise often, boosting team energy levels and increasing productivity in the workplace.



  • The Weekend Warrior

  • My Aching Feet, Knee Injuries, Shoulder Injuries

  • Reducing Risks: Exercise and Sports-Related Injuries

  • Cycling Injuries: Trauma and Overuse - How to Recover

  • Golf Injuries: Why it Pays to Play it Safe

  • Improve Your Tennis Swing and Prevent Injury

  • Lower Extremity Muscle Injuries / Tears

  • Lower Extremity Overuse Injuries

  • Lower Extremity Traumatic Injuries

  • Rehab of the Runner’s Knee

  • What To Do If You Are Seriously Injured: Triaging Yourself


Experience the power of your creativity with our creative workshops!

A series of creativity and wellbeing workshops have been proven to benefit mental and physical wellbeing.

These workshops aim to demonstrate how creativity can be used to improve health and wellbeing. During each workshop, educational information about health and self-care issues is presented and discussed in the group, while undertaking the activity.

Creative Workshops Topics

  • Aromatherapy

  • Gardening and Mocktails: Grow Your Own Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit

  • The Benefits of Essential Oil

  • DIY Home Remedies & Herbal Medicine

  • Introduction Natural Skin Care & The Benefits

  • DIY Natural Home Products

  • DIY Natural Soap Making 101

  • DIY Botanical Perfume

  • DIY Herbal Tea Blending

  • DIY Sugar/Salt Scrubs and Bath Teas

  • What Is Self-Care And Why Is Self-Care Important?

  • Make Your Own Indoor Garden

  • Paint and Plant

  • Holistic Foot Detox & Pedicure

  • Working with Nature - Herbs for Self Care

Think of our workshops as an art gym for your creative muscles

Health & Wellbeing Day

Promote employee wellbeing with information on how choices and habits can improve the quality of life at work and outside. Our health and wellbeing days are interactive and engaging and can be used to launch or promote your own well-being initiatives and promotional campaigns or to help tackle specific organizational challenges. They can be designed as one-off events, or built to compliment your existing well-being programs. 

There is no such thing as a standard  Health & Wellbeing Day because each client has their own unique objectives and culture. We work with you to create an event tailored to suit your staff, your theme, and of course your budget.

Onsite Treatments 

Make a real difference to your employee’s health by not only testing for health problems but also treating them! Onsite practitioners will spend time at your workplace providing treatment.


Some of our professionals are 

Athletic Trainers, Orthopedics, Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine, Physiatrists, (PM&R), Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Nutritionist, Holistic Practitioners, Massage therapists, Life coaches, Physiologistst.

Total Wellness Solutions For Your Company And Its People


"A corporate wellness program is not a luxury, but an important investment in an employee’s well-being".

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