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Ready. Set. Bloom. 

We're thrilled to launch the first Georgia BLOOM Magazine. Our journey started with IN TOUCH in 2009, creating cherished memories, friendships, and laughter. This magazine aims to bring positivity in a changing world.


Expanding from Florida, we're ready to thrive in Georgia, pushing boundaries, forging new relationships, and blossoming into our best selves. Dream big, take control, set boundaries, prioritize health, pursue passion, and surround yourself with inspiring individuals. Embrace rejection as redirection. Focus on joy, purpose, and passion. Remember, failure is a stepping stone to success. You choose what matters most in your life. Live for yourself.

We hope this edition inspires you to bloom into your best self and live your life to the fullest. Keep Blooming! Thank you for your continued support, and happy reading!

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Fall 2023

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