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Welcome to the Bloom Affiliate Program


Welcome to the Bloom Affiliate Program! This program allows you to represent everything you love about Bloom (and doing good) and easily monetize it. We started this program to help us increase our reach, and we are excited to continue growing with our affiliates.


We are looking for Affiliates to help spread the word about our publication. As an Affiliate, your main responsibility will be to help us reach more people in the workers' compensation, insurance, risk, and healthcare industries and help us connect with writers, speakers, and advertisers who believe in our mission and want to reach an audience of workers compensation, insurance, risk and healthcare professionals.

Here are some benefits of joining the Bloom Affiliate Program:

Do you want to help make a difference and monetize your influence?

As an affiliate partner, we will provide you with all the resources you need to help spread the word about Bloom Magazine and our partners for purpose program.


In addition, we have a tracking system that will ensure you receive credit for all sales generated by your audience. So all you have to do is help us reach more people! – it's as simple as that.

Bloom Magazine relies on the support of passionate people like you to help spread the word.


By joining our Affiliate/Board Partner program, you'll have exclusive access to special offers and be the first to know about new updates and more.


This is an exclusive program, and we are very excited to have you as part of Bloom Magazine (formerly IN TOUCH).

Commission on all advertisements sold.

For every ad you sell, we give back a percentage to one of our many partnered. organizations through our Partners for Purpose program. 

Commissions are ongoing and paid once payment is received. 

For every sponsorship you sell, we give back a percentage to one of our many. partnered organizations through our Partners for Purpose program. 

Affiliate Roles

Chief Editor Extraordinaire

Our editors are the heart and soul of our publication – they help with the creative process, collaborate with other creatives, and help produce high-quality content. In addition, they are assisting Bloom to bring a collective vision for the magazine to life.


Our storytellers have a passion for writing.

They are passionate about interviewing people and getting their stories. As a Storyteller, you will be responsible for interviewing industry leaders and writing articles for the magazine.


If this is you, then this is an excellent opportunity to get your work seen by thousands of people.

Super Connectors

Super Connectors are the people who are always networking and making connections.

They are usually the friendliest people because they love meeting new people and helping others connect.

As Super Connectors, we need your help to spread the word about Bloom magazine. We need your help to spread the word and help us reach new audiences.

Creator of Opportunities

What separates them from the rest is their ability to spot the opportunity and create success for themselves and others.

Their philosophy is that success breeds success, so they focus on creating opportunities for themselves and others.

As Creator of Opportunities, you will play an essential role in developing relationships with potential partners that can help accelerate the growth of Bloom magazine.

Chief of Brainstorming

These are creative professionals who have a passion for creating and mentoring others to succeed.

These passionate individuals have a wealth of knowledge, and they are more than happy to share it with others. As Chief of Brainstorming, it is your responsibility to help cultivate this type of environment.

By encouraging knowledge sharing and brainstorming sessions, you can help increase productivity and creativity within Bloom Magazine.

Difference Makers

These individuals are caring and always put others first, always giving back in whatever way they can.

These individuals look for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others, and they won't stop until they have succeeded.

Difference-makers make a positive change in the world, inspiring others to do the same. As a difference-maker, you will be helping Bloom magazine with grassroots initiatives, fundraising, and volunteering.

Chief Cheerleader

Chiefs Cheerleaders are the leaders, motivators, and mentors that keep things moving in the right direction. These individuals have a passion for helping others and always look for solutions. They share their knowledge willingly and are always looking to improve themselves and those around them.

As Chief Cheerleader for bloom magazine, your role is essential to the growth and reach of our publication. You are responsible for advocating for the magazine and helping us reach a larger audience. This means growing our subscription base and getting more people reading our content.


As an advisor, your primary responsibility will be to help spread the word about our publication and get more people to subscribe. But that's not all – you will also earn passive income by simply representing everything you love about BLOOM Magazine.

Join Our Affiliate Program today!


Thanks for submitting! We will contact you via email for more information.


How do we give back? 

Giving back is important to us here at Bloom Magazine. 

In 2020, we launched the BLOOM magazine affiliate program as another way to give back.
We believe in partnering with people and organizations who share our values and make a difference in the world, and that is why in 2011, we founded the Partners for Purpose program as a way to provide a variety of corporate partnership opportunities that allow businesses of all sizes to get involved and give back to their community. 

Through the partnership, Bloom (formerly IN TOUCH) and our partners for Purpose we have been able to contribute to various non-profit organizations in several ways - but we couldn't have done it without the help of our partners for purpose. For example, By purchasing from our Maker to Market shop, you are helping us give back to local charities and organizations across the globe! 


This is just one of the ways we give back. In addition, we host grassroots initiatives like drives for toys, food, books, and clothing to benefit those in need every year. And we are not stopping there; we have big plans for the future that will continue helping those who need it most.


Whether through annual drives or grassroots initiatives, we are committed to making a difference. Bloom is founded on the principle of helping others, and that will never change. 

Thank you for joining our mission!

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