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Do you have knowledge and expertise to share with the workers' compensation community?

Whether you are an attorney, doctor, or any other type of industry expert, we would love to have you share your knowledge with our audience.

If you are interested in becoming a speaker, please complete the contact form today! We would love to hear from you!

Anticipated Audience: Your audience will primarily be HR personnel, brokers, work comp claims professionals, nurse case managers, attorneys, employers, risk management, and Insurance professionals.


Types of speaking opportunities:

  • Online/On-site Continuing Education Courses

  • Leadership and Personal Growth and Wellness Masterclasses & Courses

  • Symposiums

  • Roundtables

  • Podcasts Interviews

  • BLOOM TV Interviews/Presentations

Topic Categories (Please note that you are not limited to these topics, and we are open to any ideas that you may have.)
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Workers' Compensation Training for Adjusters, Risk Managers, and HR Professionals

  • Workplace Health & Wellness

  • Workers' Compensation Law

  • Emerging Risk Management Trends

  • Hot Topics Related To (All States) - Workers' Compensation, Safety Or Prevention Strategies, And Best Practices

  • Protecting Your 'Industrial Athletes' Ergonomics 

  • Work Comp Solutions & Employers - Claims Management

  • Customer Service – How to ensure its outstanding

  • Sports Medicine Update

  • Orthopaedic Surgery

  •  Best Practices for Diagnosing

  • Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Treatment Options

  • Chronic Pain Trends 

  •  Common Treatment Patterns

  •  Prescription Abuse  

  •  Case Studies 

  • Opioid Therapy for Pain Management

  •  Chronic Pain

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 

  • Pain Management Techniques

  • Pain management Protocol 

  • Method of treatment for Injured Workers Managing Chronic Pain.

  • Opiate Addiction Issues

  • Using Drugs to Control Pain

  • Pain Management and Work-Related Injuries

  • MMI 

  • Psychological Interventions to Help Treat Pain 

  • What Type of Therapies Help with Chronic Pain

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