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Become A BLOOM Leader

Join BLOOM, and become a contributing member, speaker, collaborator, partner, mentor, volunteer, leader, ambassador, super-connector!


You choose what works best for you. We are looking for motivated, collaborative chapter leaders across the country to become a part of the BLOOM team.


As a Chapter Leader, you will give a voice to a collaborative community of changemakers! We are committed to building a purpose-driven leadership team that believes in leading with value and purpose.

What are the advantages of being a BLOOM leader?


Be part of a global community of inspired and impactful leaders passionate about moving the needle forward and making a difference in this industry - all while having fun!


Bring positive change by sharing your knowledge and expertise to move the needle forward – together!

Monthly Features

BLOOM leaders will be celebrated monthly and highlighted for contributing to the In touch community and beyond!

What do we look for in chapter leaders, ambassadors, and contributors?

  • You are committed to building a purpose-driven leadership team that believes in leading with value and purpose

  • You are passionate about empowering others

  • You are vibrant, engaging and want to support others to thrive

  •  You want to build your network and enjoy networking with people

  • You want to be part of a wider community of chapter leaders across the US

  • You see the value in networking and building relationships vs trying to push heavy promotional sales

  • You are passionate about building relationships and bringing people together

  • You believe in collaboration instead of competition

  • You are passionate about our vision


What are the responsibilities of a chapter leader?

  • To advocate for BLOOM and invite colleagues and clients to join BLOOM

  • All chapter leaders must reach gold status for total membership affiliation

  • To use your contacts, expertise, and resources to plan a minimum of two chapter events a year

  • To promote BLOOM's mission, vision, and values in all your spaces

  • To coordinate one chapter fundraisers & Volunteering initiative a year

  • To post, share a minimum of once a week, and engage in conversations to keep members engaged

  • To help promote the annual BLOOM Excellence Awards

  •  To participate in monthly leadership team meetings (as schedule permits)

  • To help secure speakers for the Masterclass series and initiatives

Become A Bloom Ambassador!

Do you love Bloom? We sure hope so! And we want to make sure as many people know about it as possible. That's where our amazing Bloom Ambassadors come in! As an ambassador, you will help us spread the word about our amazing community and encourage others to join. 

In addition, YOU will have access to earn extra income by receiving commissions on sales for bloom magazine subscriptions. So what are you waiting for? Join us today and become a Bloom Ambassador!

What are the responsibilities as an ambassador?

  • To work with chapter leaders to help coordinate chapter activities

  • To support and participate in the masterclass series and BLOOM events. (as schedule permits)

  • To help us stay on top of industry trends by sharing information with chapter leaders

  • To use your knowledge to contribute articles & content (as schedule permits)

  • To use your contacts and expertise to help promote and share BLOOM  events

  • To use your contacts and resources to help secure corporate sponsors (when possible)

  • All ambassadors must also reach gold status for total membership affiliation

  • To help engage in conversations to keep members engaged

  • To help spread the word and promote BLOOM  by using your resources and contacts


Why are We different?

Our collaborative culture allows us to empower each other and share ideas freely. We want everybody who joins our community to feel safe, connected, and heard!

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