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BLOOM Magazine's Article Submission Form

By filling out this digital release form, I (Name Listed Below) hereby grant BLOOM Magazine permission to use the article/photography submitted in their publication, including their website & internet postings.  I verify that I have the right to publish the people in the pictures and that I own the right to have these pictures distributed, published, or otherwise promoted by BLOOM Magazine as they see fit for their publication. I certify that this article and work of art are not plagiarized from another source.


I understand that the article(s) and picture(s) I submit to BLOOM Magazine may be used in their publication in print or digitally as well as on their website and other internet postings.


I understand that completing this form only allows BLOOM Magazine to use my photos in their publication, and at no time will JUST BLOOM Magazine assume rights to the photos/articles themselves, other than me allowing them the right to publish the photos/articles submitted and should they then post pages from the publication on their website or in internet postings.


I understand that at no time shall I be paid, reimbursed, compensated, given a free magazine, or given royalties, now or at any point in the future by BLOOM Magazine.


I hereby irrevocably authorize BLOOM Magazine to copy, exhibit, publish or distribute these articles/photos in their publication for purposes of publicizing BLOOM Magazine in their publication, website, or internet postings or for any other lawful purpose.


I certify that the person or ALL person(s) in the photo(s) are at least 18 years of age.  If they are under the age of 18, I certify that their parent or legal guardian has given approval.  I have read this release and I fully understand the contents, meaning, and impact of this release.


I affirm that all the given statements to the magazine are true. As the provider, I also understand that submissions of content, or completion of release, are not a guarantee of publication. If Work is published, it is the duty of the provider (and not BLOOM Magazine) to notify all involved parties of their involvement in the final product.


Thanks for submitting!

Article Submission Guidelines

At BLOOM Magazine we welcome new articles and ideas from writers, bloggers, and enthusiasts. You do not need to have any formal writing experience, or have been published elsewhere to write for the magazine.

Please note that while we do not pay for external writing or photography, BLOOM Magazine prides itself on being a platform for new writing/photography talent to showcase their work to a wider audience.


We love to support our writers/photographers by including name credits, websites, etc. for readers to link directly to them.

Please refer to the following points before sending your article or story to BLOOM Magazine:

Do familiarize yourself with the style and content of the magazine before sending in any stories or article ideas 

  • Your articles must be exclusive to Wellness, Living, Travel, Workers' Compensation, and Inspiring stories (no more than 1500 words). 

  • Please include your photo and email address for publication.

  • Please also include a phone number so we can reach you.

  • If your piece is selected for publication, we will ask that you sign a release and statement. (form above)

  • Articles must be non-promotional. Any promotional-based articles should be sent to the advertising department at with the subject header of ‘Advertising’.

  • Be aware that if your work is selected for inclusion, it may appear in other states.

  • Please make sure you are aware of the copyright status for any articles/images supplied.

  • All photographs submitted need to be high resolution (300 dpi).

Thank you for your interest in writing for us.


If you are a company with a product to sell or a service that you are keen to promote directly in the magazine, please contact our advertising department: ​


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with BLOOM Magazine before approaching us to make sure you align with our mission. 

Please submit your article/idea on this form, once completed, it will be sent to

Front Cover

We are always looking for new material for our front cover – if you are interested in submitting a front cover piece, please contact our Creative Director:​ Samantha Diaz | 

Please submit your article or story idea using the form below.


Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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